Angela Gunn

SafariGuideAfrica - Angela

Angela is a friend to Safari Guide Africa and writes guest posts drawing from her experience in Africa. She has been an intrepid world traveler since the age of two. She spent the majority of her early teens living in Malawi, the Warm Heart of Africa, and the continent has been calling her back ever since.

She is currently working as a freelance writer and blogs about her spiritual practice at as research for her first novel. She is also an award-winning screenwriter whose many themes revolve around Africa and the life of Third Culture Kids.

Her favorite memory of her time in Africa is the walking safari she went on with family and friends in Robins Camp, Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe. The group happened upon a pride of lions as sunset approached. One lion ran off into the bush then a lioness charged them trying to protect her cubs. Luckily, because they were on the opposite side of a dry riverbed to the pride they walked back to their camp unscathed. However, the next day when they went out on another walking safari they found lion footprints on top of their footprints leading all the way back to their camp!